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How To Take Care Of Your Skin After Summer

Summer is slowly coming to an end. For many of us, it was a time for creating new memories and of relaxation. But not necessarily for our skin. The memories that our skin has after sharing the vacation with us are mainly dehydration, discolorations, deepened wrinkles and, if we’re lucky, some freckles. What can we do then to help our skin come back to balance and face the challenges of office life?


Sun, wind and water exposure can result in lots of dead skin cells gathered on the surface of our skin. Exfoliating is the easiest way to remove them. Depending on your skin type you can choose between mechanical and enzymatic exfoliators. Both are easy to make at home.

For mechanical exfoliation use your favourite skin oil or even olive oil from your kitchen cabinet. Add to it one of the following depending on your skin type:

  • Sugar + apple vinegar or lemon juice – for dry skin. The acid in vinegar or lemon juice will help to disassemble sugar into glucose and fructose. Grains of sugar will remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and glucose will prevent evaporation of the water from the skin.
  • Sea salt or Epsom salts (our Bath Salts are ideal as they contain lavender which is also anti-bacterial) – for oily or acne prone skin. Salt has great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the number of breakouts. For better effect, you can leave the mixture on your skin for a few minutes.
  • Coffee grounds – for mature skin. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation in the skin, improving its appearance. It’s also a great source of antioxidants which slow the skin's ageing process.

Most enzymatic exfoliators consist of two substances: bromelain and papain. Bromelain’s main source is pineapple and papain is mainly found in papaya. All you need to do is to mix 3 tablespoons of mashed pineapple or papaya with oat flakes for a thicker consistency and leave on your face for 10 minutes.


There is a good chance that the sun managed to dehydrate your skin. To restore its glow and firmness it needs plenty of hydration. The first step is, as always, drinking plenty of water. The best moisturiser can’t replace the amount of water you lose on a day in the sun. But what it can do is to lock the water in your skin. Especially effective for this purpose are all kinds of oils. You should look for the ones that have good affinity to human skin such as Apricot Kernel oil or Macadamia Nut oil. The star of triglyceride action which locks moisture into your skin is our very own Nangai Balm which contains 98% natural triglycerides.


One of the natural remedies for skin discoloration is lemon. You can rub your skin with half a lemon or apply lemon juice with a cotton pad (preferably a reusable one) twice a day. The effects should be visible after 6 weeks.

Dry hair

Seawater, wind, and sun can wreak havoc on your hair. If you’re lucky to have thick, strong hair such damage might not be severe. But for thin hair, it can result in breaking and further thinning. Applying oils can help prevent that. Tamanu and Macadamia Nut oils are great for this purpose as well as Jojoba, Nangai and Apricot Kernel oils. This is also one of the reasons we advocate leave-in hair products such as our Hair no 1 & 3 and Pomade no 1 & 3 (Our hair products). You should apply any one of the above to the scalp and the whole length of hair. For a better effect, you can warm them before applying.

Rest of the body

Don't forget about the rest of your body. The best way to exfoliate is rubbing one of our oil-based soaps over a wet Loofah and then using it to give your body an all-over body scrub and massage. The result will be smooth, moisturised skin that feels like silk. Those same exfoliants you use on your face can have a great effect on your body, as well as on your hands and feet. Adding oils to your bath can be a great way to moisturise your body and relax. For your hands and feet try applying a thick layer of nourishing cream, such as Body Silk, Tamanu Balm, or Hand No.1, and covering them with cotton gloves and socks. The warmth of your body will improve the absorption of valuable ingredients and you’ll wake up with smooth, well-nourished skin.