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Why We Need To Sweat?

Yes folks, sweat is everyone's daily companion! Sometimes we don’t even notice it, when we're being sporty it’s desirable, and sometimes it can really impinge on our daily tasks.

Why do we actually need to sweat and how can we best work with it?


Cooling is the primary and most important function of sweat. As it gets warmer our body produces more sweat. During a heavy workout, we expect to drip with it, which is the body’s way of cooling itself. When sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin it literally 'takes' the warmth with it. People who don’t sweat, mainly as a result of genetic diseases, are prone to overheating.

Unclogs the Pores

Sweating during training can help unclog your pores. During exercise, the pores open up and release any build-up inside them. To get the most out of sweating you may want to combine your training with proper cleansing and exfoliating afterwards. Using oils for cleansing can help dissolve impurities, which are ostensibly oils produced by your skin. We highly recommend our pure Apricot Kernel Oil for this purpose.

The best thing a generally healthy person can do is to eliminate odour from sweating, rather than attempt to stop sweating.

Have you ever wondered what causes the unpleasant odour? Bacteria that live happily on our skin, feasting on our sweat! Our sweat also tends to smell more, the more we drink coffee and alcohol, as our body gets rid of toxins through the skin. Hence, the key to odourless armpits is to eat and drink healthy food (lots of water) and to remove the bacteria from our skin. Our top tip is to exfoliate your armpits using a natural Loofah and some of our luscious oil-based soap once a week and to use natural deodorants that contain antibacterial oils and essential oils that won’t clog the sweat glands and therefore won’t inhibit the sweating process. Natural deodorants hand made by 34.4 are ideal!