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Apricot Kernel Oil (V)
Apricot Kernel Oil (V)
Apricot Kernel Oil (V)
Apricot Kernel Oil (V)
Apricot Kernel Oil (V)

34.4º Skincare Naturally

Apricot Kernel Oil (V)

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Product Description

Our premium quality Organic Apricot Kernel oil is cold pressed, organic and fair trade. This light, unscented vegetable oil is smooth and easily absorbed into the skin. It’s ideal for hydrating dry and sensitive skin with blemishes and is also suitable for mature skin.
Organic Apricot Kernel oil resembles the sebum that our skin produces and thus it helps to regulate it. This vegetable oil allows your skin to breathe while helping to lock in moisture. The natural emollient properties of Organic Apricot Kernel oil may also help with exfoliation, thus eliminating flaky skin patches and dead skin.
Organic Apricot Kernel oil contains a high level of antioxidants such as Vitamin E, helping to soothe and relieve inflammatory conditions (rosacea, psoriasis, eczema). Vitamin E may also have a repairing effect, facilitating faster healing of blemishes. It may also help to lighten blemishes and dark spots, thus making the skin more even.
The Vitamin A present in this oil may help to protect the skin from UV damage. Vitamin A may also help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Its natural anti-ageing effect helps to stimulate collagen production, boosting circulation and cell regeneration.
Packed with Oleic Acids (Omega 9) and Linoleic Acids (Omega 6) this oil may help maintain a supple and radiant skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.
Organic Apricot Kernel oil is very versatile and can be used as a make-up remover due to its natural Stearic Acid.
Stearic Acid helps to remove excess sebum and has natural cleansing properties.
The skin looks beautifully hydrated and is left feeling soft and clean.
Please note that all the Organic Apricot Kernel oil comes with an aluminium screw top. If you would like to avail of a spray or pump top, please add one of your choice to the basket.

How to Use

Make-up remover : Use one of our reusable cotton make-up remover pads. Make the pad wet and apply 2 pumps of oil to each side. Remove (waterproof) mascara using one side of the pad for each eye
Moisturiser : Perfect as a moisturiser or serum (to apply a few drops prior to your moisturiser)
Suitable for all skin types
Suitable for the eye area
Pro tip : Great as a serum under sunscreen, to protect and keep moisture in the skin when exposed
Massage 1 pump of oil any time onto clean face, neck & chest
Shaving :
As a pre-shaving oil: massage into stubble, making it softer before using our shaving soap 
Shaving-oil: dampen face. Apply 2 pumps of oil. Add water to face. Shave
This multi-purpose oil is also fantastic as :
  • A massage oil
  • As a bath oil - Add 5 pumps of oil into warm bathwater
  • For babies as a nappy rash oil or body oil
Tested on friends not animals
Suitable for vegans
100% natural ingredients
*Our plant-based oil is cold-pressed first extraction, from selected suppliers, organic and respectful of the environment


Prunus Armeniaca (Organic Apricot Kernel) oil*
Detailed Composition:
Fatty Acids: Oleic (Omega 9) 65%, Linoleic 25% (Omega 6), Palmitic 5%, Linolenic 0.5%, Palmitoleic 0.1%, Arachidic 0.4%, Eicosenoic 0.2%, Behenic 0.5%, Lignoceric 0.2%
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B17, E


This oil is a good alternative for those with a nut allergy
Free from : alcohol, essential oils, perfume
Always patch test on a small area first

Product Advice

This product is suitable for vegans
Once opened, use within 12 months
Store in cool dry place
Shelf life: 24 month