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Loofah (V)
Loofah (V)
Loofah (V)

34.4º Skincare Naturally

Loofah (V)

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Product Description

Loofahs are like long hanging gourds. They are harvested, dried and cut into segments. Our loofahs are imported for us by a friend who is part of the Slow Food and Living movement. They originate from a family farm in Egypt.

How to Use

Make it wet, rub your soap over it, then massage your skin. This will help to moisturize your skin with our luscious oil-based soaps and you'll be exfoliating at the same time. Keeping your skin looking fresh and well-cared for. 
After use, hang the loofah up to air dry. You can put it in the washing machine every now and again in a gentle wash at 60°C. At the end of its life (approximately 2 years) the loofah is completely compostable.
If you have a very large loofah, consider cutting a sliver off and using it to do your washing up with. My washing up loofah survives the dishwasher twice a week (and has done for the past 12 months).
Tested on friends not animals
Suitable for vegans
100% natural 


100% Loofah fibre

Product Advice

Soak in boiling water for 20min before first use
Air dry between use
Replace as necessary