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34.4º Skincare Naturally


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Product Description

Almost entirely plastic free, barring a USB port which serves as a charging point connectable to laptops and mobile chargers, and consumes very little power. Our nebulisers are as elegant as they are ecologically sound.
Black Ceramic Nebuliser - This stunning black Nebuliser with sleek ceramic exterior emits an ethereal spire of smoke from its delicate glass tip. 
Rubber Wood Nebuliser - This lacquered wooden nebuliser provides a homely, ligneous alternative to its ceramic counterpart. Composed of recycled Thai rubberwood this Nebuliser, like all our products, does nothing to contribute to deforestation. A thin layer of varnish coating the wooden exterior both protects the surface and ensures a lustrous sheen. The poised glass dome which tops the nebuliser collects its smoke in a mesmerizing, swirling mass before sending it spiralling into the atmosphere.

How to Use

Our Nebuliser works exclusively WITHOUT water. This is why you will be surrounded by the pure scent of the ZEPHYR Essential oil that you've chosen.
Tip one entire bottle of ZEPHYR Essential oil into the Nebuliser via the top of the glass dome (lift the little stopper off before you do this - Maximum 20ml at a time). Do not use any more ZEPHYR Essential oil than recommended as the motor is not strong enough to pump so much liquid and it will break down.
The base has a silver dial. Turn this on after plugging your USB port into your power source. If you turn it on very slightly then the setting is on low power. If you turn it all the way, the ZEPHYR Essential oils are pumped out with greater vigour.
The Nebuliser has a 2 hour cycle. During this cycle it turns itself on and off every 10 minutes. If you forget to turn it off even if there are no ZEPHYR Essential oils in it, it will turn off after 2 hours, and no harm will come to it if it runs empty. Our Nebuliser uses electric pulsations to pump out the oils, not heat and therefore does not alter the properties of the ZEPHYR Essential oils
As the ZEPHYR essential oils are undiluted, most people will find that after 10 to 20 minutes, the scent has pervaded the room and they tend to turn the machine off. That is why, in the end, you will use much less Essential oils than you would in a conventional diffuser.
Water-based diffusers need to be cleaned every day because water collects mould spores. These mould spores are then dispersed into the air along with the Essential oils! This is the reason why we recommend Nebulisers: pure Essential oils dispersed in a fine mist.
WARNING: do not use TREE RESIN-BASED Essential oils produced by other brands (they are often very thick and will clog up the funnel so much that you will have to buy a new glass dome). If you are using our Cedar Wood or Frankincense Essential oils, you must clean your Nebuliser after each 10ml straight away. If you leave it unused for several weeks, these tree-resin-based Essential oils will block the funnel beyond redemption.

Cleaning Instructions

Take the small stopper top off (wash separately). Pull the glass dome off by holding the base down while simultaneously pulling the glass up firmly. Fill the bowl of the dome with water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid. Put your finger over the top and shake, rinse and repeat. Then after the second rinse, blow through the funnel at the bottom, to make sure that that the funnel is clear. Rinse again, then leave to dry either on a radiator, or in the sun or in the oven on a warm air only setting of 30 to 50°C maximum.
Clean when the glass starts to feel a little sticky on the outside, or if you are changing from one Essential oil to another and want a pure scent only. You can also blend the Essential oils. As Essential oils are distilled, you will not have mould issues, so you can just use your Nebuliser until all the oil is used up. Cleaning your Nebuliser with some regularity will keep it functioning well for many years.
We hope that you'll enjoy the ZEPHYR Experience!


We sell our oils for use in our Nebulisers or for diluting in water for use in diffusers. A few drops in the bath or in the last rinse of your clothes wash or on the tip of your scarf or the edge of your pillow are a delight. Never apply directly to the skin and never take internally. Essential oils must be suspended in carrier oils prior to skin application. Please inform yourself well of what dilution % is safe if you would like to do this! Never apply to the eyes or mucus membranes. 
When using our Nebuliser you will mostly find that a 20 – 30 minute session is ample for creating an enticing aroma in a room. Refrain from breathing the Essential oil vapour at close proximity. (The Statements made and shared on this website about Essential oils have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The Essential oils and methods of use suggested are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease, nor are they intended to replace proper medical care).