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What 34.4º products contains beeswax and honey? What are their benefits?

Beeswax and honey are key ingredients in a number of our products. In this article, we'll refer to beeswax and honey as ‘bee ingredients’. About 30% of our creams and balms contain some forms of bee ingredients. This of course includes our magical hero product, the infamous HONEY BALM and FACE NO 3. Our creams and balms can either have (i) a combination of beeswax and honey or (ii) beeswax only. 34.4º Products Containing Both Beeswax and Honey HONEY BALM FACE NO.1 FACE NO.2 FACE NO.3 FACE NO.4 HAND NO.1 34.4º Products Containing Beeswax ARGAN BALM JOJOBA BALM TAMANU BALM Health Benefits Very few people know how beeswax and honey benefits the skin. The 34.4º collection, contains very small amounts...

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