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ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)
ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)


ZEPHYR Essential Oils (V)

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Product Description

This Essential oil collection comes from our sister company ZEPHYR.

The Essential oils are undiluted, vegan and mostly organic. Equally importantly; we are careful about our selection of Essential oils and can ensure that they are ethically sourced. 

  • BERGAMOT (ELEVATE) - Vegan & Organic
    Bergamot Essential oil emits a sweet, citric aroma which is often said to calm the nerves upon inhalation. Some advocates of this Essential oil suggest that it may help to induce the sense of elevated consciousness associated with a tranquil spirit.

  • CEDAR WOOD (WISDOM) - Vegan & Organic
    Cedar trees enhance the landscapes of diverse and ancient texts, from the Iliad to the Bible and the Quran, which have helped to shape our collective modern consciousness. With its long-standing reputation as a natural sedative, Cedar is commonly employed as a remedy for insomnia. This Essential oil may thus instil the degree of mental alertness induced by a good night’s sleep.
    (N.B. Wash your Nebuliser very carefully after using this oil. Do not let it stand for weeks to dry as Cedar Wood residue will become sticky and block the funnel)

  • CLARY SAGE (LIBIDO) - Vegan & Organic
    Widely considered to have a soothing effect when mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the skin (during menstruation especially), Clary Sage is also said to induce a relaxed mood when inhaled in the air via our Nebuliser. Its reputation as a gentle, natural aphrodisiac has seen it favoured by those seeking a libidinal boost.

  • EUCALYPTUS (CLARITY) - Vegan & Organic
    Often lauded for its decongestant properties when diffused, this Australian native might be similarly effective in clearing the mind. The inhalation of vapourised Eucalyptus Essential oil is thought by some to induce a feeling of mental lucidity.

  • FRANKINCENSE (ZEN) - Vegan & Organic
    Historically one of the most widely known of all Essential oils. Regularly characterised as inducing a state of gentle tranquility, this Essential oil may be an ideal remedy for the stresses and anxieties of modern life, as well as an invaluable tool for meditation.
    (N.B. Wash your Nebuliser very carefully after using this Essential oil. Do not let it stand for weeks to dry as the Essential oil residue will become sticky and block the funnel)

  • LAVENDER (STILLNESS) - Vegan & Organic
    In common with the tranquil warmth of its native Mediterranean region, this Essential oil is often said to have a calming effect on the human body. Its reputation as a soothing agent has rendered Lavender a widely used home-treatment for anxiety.

  • LEMONGRASS (VITALITY) - Vegan & Organic
    Lemongrass is employed in aromatherapy as a treatment for high blood pressure, joint pain and fever. Lemongrass is believed in many cultures to be a highly versatile treatment for a number of human ailments. A refreshing scent and great for removing kitchen smells or for reminding you of a holiday in Thailand.

  • ORANGE (HAPPINESS) - Vegan & Organic
    Unlike many other Essential oils, which are commonly used to counteract negativity of mood, advocates of Orange Essential oil suggest that it engenders a positive state of being. This sweet, citric oil may encourage feelings ranging from placid contentment to vigour and euphoria.

  • PALMA ROSA (CALM) - Vegan & Organic
    Palma Rosa Oil emits a subtle, rosey aroma which becomes more distinctive upon vapourisation. Favoured by many for its soothing effects when applied topically (must be suspended in a carrier oil!). Others suggest that this product induces a distinctively relaxed state when inhaled in the air via our Nebuliser.

  • PATCHOULI (RELAX)- Vegan & Organic
    Valued for its deep and wood-smoked fragrance, Patchouli Essential oil may induce much the same sense of calm as the warm, fireside hearth evoked by its smell. Whether applied topically or nebulised and inhaled, some believe that this herbal Essential oil can induce a sense of surrender and tranquility.

  • PEPPERMINT (REFRESH) - Vegan & Organic
    Viewed by some aromatherapists as a means of refreshing both body and mind. Widely considered to encourage clarity of thought upon inhalation, this Essential oil has also been said to induce a feeling of rejuvenation when applied to a tired body (via a carrier oil only).

  • ROSE GERANIUM (BALANCE) - Vegan & Organic
    Rose Geranium Essential oil is considered by many to have a balancing effect upon mind and body. Widely believed to have a soothing effect, inhalation of Rose Geranium vapour may help engender a sense of mental equilibrium.

  • TEA TREE (PURITY) - Vegan & Organic
    Tea Tree Essential oil is praised by many aromatherapists for its efficiency as a cleansing agent. Whether inhaled in the air as a vapour or applied topically (diluted in oil) via massage, this Essential oil has left many feeling purified both in body and mind.

  • THYME (PRESENCE) - Vegan 
    A fresh, full aroma composed of bracing top notes and earthy undertones. Thyme is often understood to relieve anxiety, facilitating a state of mindfulness which is particularly desirable for meditation, work, or simple enjoyment of the moment. Thyme is often referred to as nature's antibiotic. In the bottle our Thyme Essential oil smells medicinal, but once it enters the air via our Nebuliser, the aroma is floral.

  • YLANG YLANG (APHRODISIAC) - Vegan & Organic
    Native to Southeast Asia, the oil of this subtropical tree seems to retain the invigorating effects of its home region’s warm climate. Widely understood to have revitalising properties, this sweet-scented oil is viewed by some as a holistic remedy for feelings of apathy or listlessness.


    We sell our oils for use in our Nebulisers or for diluting in water for use in diffusers. A few drops in the bath or in the last rinse of your clothes wash or on the tip of your scarf or the edge of your pillow are a delight. Never apply directly to the skin and never take internally. Essential oils must be suspended in carrier oils prior to skin application. Please inform yourself well of what dilution % is safe if you would like to do this! Never apply to the eyes or mucus membranes. 

    When using our Nebuliser you will mostly find that a 20 – 30 minute session is ample for creating an enticing aroma in a room. Refrain from breathing the Essential oil vapour at close proximity. (The Statements made and shared on this website about Essential oils have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The Essential oils and methods of use suggested are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease, nor are they intended to replace proper medical care).