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Are you planning a winter holiday in the Sun?

🌞 We have some great Winter Sun Tips for you… What is SPF and What are the Different Forms of Sun Protection? It’s no secret that the sun and sunlight are good for people in many ways, but too much exposure can bring harm. Skin cancer is on the rise in the UK, with rates increasing faster than any other cancer in the country. Around 16,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year, and by 2025, that number could reach nearly 20,000. These numbers may be frightening, but that doesn't mean you should constantly be afraid of going out and having a fun time on a sunny day. As long as you’re ensuring you’re shielded continuously in various ways, you can stay...

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How To Deal With Sunburns

If you've underestimated how strong the sun can be, even in Europe, then here are a few pointers for you. The skin is our largest organ and sunburn can be dangerous if ignored, especially where children and seniors are concerned. Even for a healthy adult sunburn that covers more than 15% of the body surface shouldn't be ignored as it may require medical intervention. How much is 15%? When it comes to adults the Rule of Nine can be helpful. This rule is widely used to determine the percentage of total body surface area that has been burnt. According to this rule, the back and chest each equal 18% of whole body surface area, each arm equals 9% and each...

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How To Travel Waste Free

Are you planning a trip? Do you wonder how you could decrease your plastic consumption during your holidays? Here are a few simple ideas to get you started! Reusable water bottle More and more people are using non-disposable water bottles in their day-to-day life. But, did you know that you don’t have to leave it at home even when flying? The rule of 100ml containers applies only to bottles that contain more than 100ml of liquid. If you empty out your water bottle before a security check, you can take it with you on the plane. After going through security, fill it in a water fountain at one of the airport bars or cafés. Having your bottle with you also...

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